Governance Information


In late 2009, Mount Barker Waldorf School ratified a new Constitution and appointed a new nine-member Board as part of a broad renewal process underway across the school’s administration.  The appointment marked the end of an era at MBWS, which has been administered by a College of Teachers since it was founded in 1979. The College has been solely responsible for the school’s governance, management and educational administration.  The new Constitution and Board provided a foundation for a new beginning at the school and signalled a significant shift in the way the school is governed and managed. School community members have played a key role in the design of the new Constitution and were closely advised by external consultants with expertise in school governance, Waldorf Education and financial management.

Board is responsible for strategy formulation, policy making and compliance with requirements imposed by Commonwealth and State authorities. It also ensures the school is well run in the interests of all stakeholders.  Each Board Member has been selected from a large number of nominations from across the school community and beyond. The current Board Members are: Richie Khoo and Doreen Mellor Co-Chairs, Don Frakes (Secretary), Sally Amazon, Ritchie Marshall, Dan Hockin, Donna Potts.

The makeup of the board represents a strong blend of skills including financial management, the governance of Waldorf and mainstream educational institutions, strategic planning and marketing, communications and stakeholder engagement.

Profiles Board Members

To serve until the 2022 AGM

  • Dan Hockin - Dan has been a parent at the school for over 12 years, with two children progressing from Playgroup into High School. He has actively been involved with various fundraising activities, school camps and working bees during this time. His professional background is in Mechanical Design, specialising in the water sector, more recently running his own business based at home in Nairne. He is passionate about environmental sustainability and is involved in local Landcare & Trees For Life groups.  He hopes to assist the Board in these areas, whilst promoting the next generations voice of change.
  • Grant Whitehead

To serve until the 2023 AGM

  • Kristy Carter -  has two young children and was drawn to Steiner Education because of its integrated focus on head, heart and hands. As an Organisational Psychologist and the founder of Heart@Work, Kristy brings more than twelve years’ experience as an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Organisational Development Practitioner. She has worked with large bureaucracies, multinational corporations, schools, small business and boards across a diverse range of sectors. Her approach is informed by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, Robert Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, and Frederic Laloux’s stages of organisational maturity. Kristy brings to the Board a passion for people, and expertise in adult development, individual & organisational transformation and integrated systems thinking.
  • Lachlan Jeffries – has over 30 years experience leading a multi-generational South Australian family business focussed on creating value from organic resource. Through business, Lachlan has experience in managing diverse teams, business development, marketing, stakeholder engagement, financial performance, strategic planning and reporting to an active Board. Lachlan also has had experience on a number of Boards including the South Australian Governments board for Zero Waste SA (now known as Green Industries SA), Interchange SA which is focussed on supporting children, teenagers and adults with disabilities. In addition to these, while his children attended the Steiner Stream at Trinity Gardens Primary School, he chaired the Ground’s committee meetings.
  • Verity Bottroff -Verity is passionate about the values, principles and skills witnessed in the education of her two grandchildren and their peers through the dedicated teaching at the school. She commenced her career as a teacher of young children and then qualified to teach children with disabilities. In 1976 she was employed in the tertiary sector to work with families and their children with a range of disabilities as well as train teachers and allied professionals to work in partnership with families. She developed a special interest in supporting children on the autism spectrum and their families. Verity completed her doctoral studies in education at Monash University in 1999 and her research focused on the social and emotional cognitive development in students on the autism spectrum. She developed the first undergraduate and postgraduate courses in autism in Australia at Flinders University. Administrative leadership experience includes 20 years within Flinders University as Associate Professor/Dean School of Special Education and Disability Studies. A highlight of her career includes international working consultancies in the disability field in India, Brunei, Singapore and Japan, as well as working in Alice Springs with Indigenous youth with disabilities.

    Verity’s board governance experience includes 17 years as a Board Member of the Autism Association of South Australia (8 years as President and 5 years as Vice-President). Currently a member of the Professional Practice Committee of Autism SA. In 2010 she received Life Membership of this Association and a Recognition Award for Exemplary Service. At a national level Verity was a Board member of the Autism Council of Australia for 10 years and the South Australian representative on the National Autism Professional Committee for 14 years. She was also a Board Director of Bedford for 7 years, including Chairperson of the Service Excellence Committee for 5 years and Chairperson of the Policy Committee for 2 years.   

  • Troy Kennedy

To serve until the 2024 AGM 

  • Peter Follett - Peter has one grand-daughter at the school, and another close on her heels.  This is pleasing for Peter as he has developed firm belief in Steiner pedagogical principles.His own children studied at Cabra College, where he was a Board member for 9 years, assuming the Chair for 4 of them. He has also been a director of The Wilderness Society here in SA since 2006, with about 6 years as Chair and these past 4 years as Treasurer, plus on the Board of their national leadership body for 5 years.   

  • Peter calls himself a ‘StrategiCulturEvolutionist’ – well, just for fun really.   But he has worked for about 20 years with enterprise and industry leadership groups to support their professional growth, enabling them to better grasp and respond to increasingly turbulent conditions, and to catalyse teams and team members to develop the enterprise culture, strategic capability and operational wherewithal necessary to thrive in any context or to tackle any challenge.  Earlier in his career there were 30 years in banking, holding management roles at Westpac and Community CPS Credit Union, developing what he hopes is a good appreciation for the challenges of leadership and of governance principles and functions, especially as they apply to not-for-profit / member-owned enterprises. 

  • Kerry Jones